Become Partner Make Money

04/14/2018 12:00 AM

Hi we need to invest in this project if you are looking long time income you can invest in our project website SeoRankTool.com

How it work- our website SeoRankTool.com Provide website related Tools free of cost.

How it make money- with google adsense we are making money it will become $1000 to $10000 our planing to make it more then $10000 per month.

How to become partner- you need  invest in our website project one time minimum invest amount $1000.

How much time i get money per month- we have estimate time after one year we will get between $1000 to $10000.

how much partners - we need 5 partners only with minimum invest $1000 if you invest more then $1000 then we will share big part of income.

how will divide income in partners- we share part of income in 5 partners like if we get $5000 per month then every partner get $1000 per month.

is this possible to get $10000 per month ?- yes its possible we have plan for marketing and seo also we will add more free tools to get more visitors.

what i need to do after taking partnership ? - just invest one time we will manage site you no need to do anything.

what about partnership agreement and guarantee- when you become partner you need to accept our terms agreement by mail confirmation only no paper work. and we do not provide any guarantee because its business and business is always on risk we do not refund money if we are getting business loss but partnership will be fix for lifetime.

can i advertise on this website after become partner- no we are using all advertise space for google adsense only.

i am intersted to invest- then contact owner whatsapp no - +919926874568 Name- Sachin Sharma owner of Skwebsoft.com, SeoRankTool.com.


Thanks & Regards